Dog Safety During the Summer Heat

While we are still weeks away from the official start of summer, some areas are already seeing high temps. While some of us enjoy the early bikini weather, it can be rough on our furry friends. Many doggy parents think nothing of packing their dogs into the car to run errands and cruise around town. When the weather is cool, this can be a great outing for your canine. However, now that temperatures are reaching the 80’s and above, pet lovers must take caution when traveling with their animals.

The most important thing anyone can say, and it can’t be said enough is: do not leave your dog in the car. Just in case you missed that: do not leave your dog in the car. While the temperature outside may seem bearable if not beautiful, the heat in your car can spike to well over 100 degrees (even up to 150!) in just a few minutes. You may not intend on being gone from your car for even more than a minute…but what if you are?

While it’s important to keep your dogs active and exercising even during warmer months, outdoor activities can be tricky. If you take your dog for long walks or runs, do so in the early morning hours or later in the evening when it’s at its coolest. If you hail from the East Coast, you may be used to the hottest point of the day being around noon. That differs on the West Coast. Temperatures reach their highest in the late afternoon here so keep your dogs indoors. When you do walk your dog, invest in a good pair of booties. They will keep your dog’s paws protected from brutal pavement burns. Plus, they are adorable.

dog safety

For more advice on hot weather precautions, check with your vet or your local animal rescue. Being a responsible parent will ensure that your pets live long healthy lives.

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My Dirty Laundry Lovin’ Doggie

Does your dog love to lay on piles of laundry?! Mine does…


This is Mocha, she is our dirty laundry loving doggie… She had this look on her face because she insisted that we should not do laundry today. (Fine by me!) But, have you ever wondered why your pet may do this??

Well, it’s just a sign that your pup loves you!!! Your laundry is equivalent to a pile of soft blankets… that smells like you! Your laundry has your scent on it, so when your dog lays down on the pile, they might just be saying that they want to bond with you.

Listen to your dog, and skip laundry day!