How to Get Rid of Dog Smell

Dog odor—it’s unavoidable. Even dog breeds that are typically odorless can leave behind a little bit of that doggie smell. However, some dogs are more prone to smell than others. Dogs that have heavier gland secretions, dogs that drool more, and dogs with droopy and loose skin folds/ears typically stink more than other dog breeds. For example, the basset hound, the Bloodhound, the mastiff, the bulldog, the Saint Bernard, and the Labrador retriever are all dogs that leave behind more of that dog smell. However, with proper grooming and cleaning, you can get rid of dog smell and odor. Here are 8 tips to get rid of dog smell. Continue reading

10 Inspirational Dog Quotes (with Pictures!)

In need of some inspirational dog quotes? Dogs can be really inspirational! Especially rescue dogs.  Here are 10 inspirational dog quotes! Hope they motivate you through the week! Share these to spread the inspiration.

10 Inspirational Dog Quote Posters

#1 Dream Big

#2 What really matters…if you ask a puppy

#3 Smiles are Happiness

#4 Be Assertive

#5 Be Determined 

#6 Life Goals

#7 How to Find What You Want…according to dog

#8 Gratitude 

#9 Just Believe

#10 Always Smile a Lot

Hope you enjoyed these inspirational dog quotes! Please share them to motivate others!