List of Dogs that Stay Small (With Pictures) goodness! How cute are these tiny, adorable dogs that look like they are puppies for their entire lives! Ok, I’ve got nothing against big dogs, but there is something about these small doggies that pulls on my heart strings. Who wouldn’t want to have a little puppy looking dog? Who!? These wee-little doggies will fill your heart with joy. Enjoy this comprehensive list of dogs that stay small.



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My Dirty Laundry Lovin’ Doggie

Does your dog love to lay on piles of laundry?! Mine does…


This is Mocha, she is our dirty laundry loving doggie… She had this look on her face because she insisted that we should not do laundry today. (Fine by me!) But, have you ever wondered why your pet may do this??

Well, it’s just a sign that your pup loves you!!! Your laundry is equivalent to a pile of soft blankets… that smells like you! Your laundry has your scent on it, so when your dog lays down on the pile, they might just be saying that they want to bond with you.

Listen to your dog, and skip laundry day!